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Parish boundary map

Conservation areas in Barham map 

Tree works for trees with a TPO or in a conservation area:

Information about trees and tree work in a conservation areaClick on the map above to see where conservation areas are.

–       Applications for work to trees with a TPO (tree preservation order) or applications for work to trees in conservation areas go to the planning department – email development.management@canterbury.gov.uk or call their planning call centre on 01227 862178.

–       Designating new TPOs – requests go to the heritage team. The heritage team have now had tree training. They have two methods of assessing a tree – the Halliwell system (about the value the tree gives) and the Tempo tree assessment (such as how long the tree still has to live etc). Contact the heritage team on heritage@canterbury.gov.uk

Trees, hedges, vegetation on a highways boundary – Every year throughout the spring and summer KCC Highways & Transportation receive numerous complaints regarding trees, hedges and other vegetation, which overhang the highway from private property. This matter can pose a number of problems for people trying to use the footways, especially if they are trying to pass with buggies, wheel chairs and scooters.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could ensure that any of your trees and hedges that are bordering the Highway are maintained and cut back to your boundary which would greatly benefit all Highway users. This will help us all keep the highway safe and prevent the need for KCC Highways & Transportation writing to you requesting that you cut back your vegetation. View your requirements for vegetation etc on your highways boundary

Bonfires and the law

PCSOs powers

OCSI statistical data for the parish