Planning application in the parish – advice for residents

The parish council has devised some guidance for residents about new planning applications :

Plannng Protocols for residents

Viewing planning applications – From March 2017 Canterbury City Council stopped sending parish councils paper plans to view.  CCC also no longer hold paper copies in their offices either – but computers in their reception area are available for public use with access to the internet, and any resident may use these to view plans online.  CCC has assured us that they will continue to advertise of applications / write to affected residents.

Residents may view applications on the city council’s Planning Portal themselves (either at home or on the CCC reception computers).  You need the application reference number. Each application is made up of a reference, such as CA/20/00001/FUL – where the CA prefix stands for Canterbury (as the planning authority), the 20 is the year the application is registered, the next 5 digits denote the unique sequential application number in that relevant year, and then the last three letters are an abbreviation for the type of application, for example FUL is a Full application, OUT is Outline and LB is a listed building type application.

To view online: visit the Canterbury City Council home page at Then from the topbar menu select ‘planning’ then ‘view and comment on planning applications’

Then click on the blue box in the middle “search planning applications”.

In the search box at the bottom you need to enter the planning application reference number. As explained above each application will have a unique reference – but for viewing purposes you need to input just the year and application number in the search box – so in our example input 20/00001 only not the full reference of CA/20/00001/FUL. (CCC’s planning call centre should be able to assist with any difficulties – call 01227 862178 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.)