Barham Parish Council precept budget

How Barham Parish Council is funded

The Parish Council has two main income streams – firstly, funding from Canterbury City Council for concurrent function expenditure and secondly, the precept.

A concurrent function is something that can be undertaken either by the City Council or the Parish Council on its behalf. Items such as the maintenance of the closed churchyards, and grass cutting are examples. The Parish Council submits an application every year for the amount that it needs for concurrent expenditure. For the last couple of years Canterbury City Council has been reducing the available budget available to Parish Councils for concurrent reimbursement. 

The precept is determined by the Parish Councillors themselves. The main items are the Clerk’s salary, office administration, and stationery. The precept is collected through council tax bills by Canterbury City Council and paid to the parishes in April at the start of each financial year. Barham Parish Council has ‘done the sums’ as prudently as possible, and set our precept at £27,000. This is an 8% increase on last year, mainly explained by the concurrent grant shortfall mentioned above. Whilst the council is able to make some savings, the grass still needs to be cut!

To view the parish council's breakdown of the budget for 2014-2015 please click here

To view the parish council's breakdown of the budget for 2015-2016 please click here